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List of Registered Ships

Searching for a registered ship on the General and International registers.

You can download a list of all ships on the General and International Shipping Registers or you can use the search option below to search for a specific vessel.

You can search for a vessel using the search function below. This search will provide basic details about the ship. For a full extract of the title, send your completed Application for Current Title Extract and the application fee to the Shipping Registration Office at the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, GPO Box 2181, Canberra ACT 2601.

To use the search function below, you can enter the ship’s name but it is more likely to be successful if you use the ship’s official number. This is the six digit number issued by the Shipping Registration Office to Australian Registered Ships.
Other information - such as the type of ship, overall length or principal material of construction may be useful for searching purposes to check for matches to the information in the register.

You can also find information about previously registered ships and about ships that are currently applying for registration. Contact the Shipping Registration Office for more information on (02) 6279 5000.

Download a list of all ships

You can download the list of all the ships that are on the register.

Search for a ship

You can find a ship using the search function below. If you don’t have the correct name or spelling of the ship, the search will default to searching for a name or official number that matches your text.

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