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Ship registration - forms and information

How to register your vessel

This page will give you an overview of what you need to know about shipping registration, including how to register your vessel; how to maintain your registration and how to close a registration.

If you are unable to download or use the forms, please contact the Shipping Registration Office and we will send you printed forms. Please refer to our privacy policy on use of personal information provided to AMSA.

A full list of the shipping registration forms are available on our forms and publications page.

Registration on the Australian General Shipping Register

Steps to registering a ship

Documents required for registration

Describing the ship

Evidence of ownership

Applying for a demise charter registration

Call sign, radio licences, MMSI numbers and beacon registration

Evidence of marking of a ship

Evidence of closure of a foreign register

Applying for a provisional registration certificate

Tonnage certificate

Transferring ownership of a registered vessel

Sale to an Australian

Sale to a foreigner

Transferring ownership

Transmission of ownership by operation of law

Amending your registration

Alteration to a ship

Current home ports

Applying for a change of home port

Applying for a new home port

Applying for a change of name of registered ship

Change of name, address or nationality

Applying for a replacement certificate

Closing registration

Closing registration

Deletion certificates

Other shipping registration activities


Continuous Synopsis Record

Applying for an exemption from the requirement to be registered

Applying for an exemption from the requirement to be registered - Government vessels

Applying for a temporary pass

Search of the register and title extracts

Applying for a certificate of entitlement to fly the national flag and the red ensign


Fees can be paid by cheque, credit card or direct deposit.

For the fees that apply to each transaction, see the schedule of fees.

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