Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Marine Navigation (Regulatory Functions) Levy (RFL)

The RFL is used to fund AMSA's maritime safety regulation activities.

AMSA is responsible for establishing the seaworthiness of Australian vessels. The marine navigation levy is used to fund safety activities such as ship inspections and surveys.

Ship inspections

Australian ships are periodically inspected to make sure that everyone on board an Australian ship is appropriately qualified and that effective measures for navigational and onboard safety related procedures are in place.

Foreign vessels calling at Australian ports are also subject to random inspections to make sure they comply with international regulations. This is part of Australia’s port State control program. Ships with serious deficiencies can be detained until the problems are fixed.

Marine surveyors perform the inspections of Australian and foreign vessels and are located at all major Australian ports.

International Maritime Organization (IMO)

Australia is represented at the International Maritime Organization which is the international forum for development of maritime standards. This allows Australia to keep pace with and have direct input into new international maritime safety regulations.

If your vessel is required to pay the Marine Navigation Levy, you will also be responsible for the Marine Navigation Regulatory Functions Levy.

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