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Vessel Traffic Services Working Group (VTSWG)

Facilitating communication

The Vessel Traffic Services Working Group (VTSWG) facilitates communication between authorities and stakeholders.


The 2007 Aids to Navigation (AtoN) Symposium established four working groups to address policy and technical issues.

The four working groups are:

  • Operations and Strategy Working Group (OSWG)
  • Automatic Identification System Working Group (AISWG)
  • Vessel Traffic Services Working Group (VTSWG)
  • Voluntary IMO Member State Audit Scheme Coordination Working Group (VIMSASWG), which will deal with any VIMSAS impact on the provision of AtoN function in AMSA and the States and Northern Territory.

VTS Working Group

The VTS Working Group is a consultative group to facilitate:

  • communication and information sharing between VTS authorities and key stakeholders
  • a common understanding of the delivery of vessel traffic services across Australia.

Terms of Reference for VTS Working Group

The VTSWG aims to:

  • Provide a forum for members to share their expertise, information and experiences and keep abreast of national and international developments in VTS, including the emerging concept of Vessel Traffic Management.
  • Provide information relating to the operations and management of vessel traffic services.
  • Facilitate and promote a standardised approach to delivering vessel traffic services across Australia, reflecting international best practices, obligations and guidelines.
  • Ensure VTS authorities can contribute to the preparation and review of relevant IALA guidance on VTS identified in the IALA quadrennial work programme.
  • Communicate/disseminate information to and from international bodies (e.g. the IMO and IALA) to members.
  • Provide a channel of communication between stakeholders and VTS authorities to work towards identifying and resolving issues at a local, state and national level.
  • Provide a forum to allow members to express the views and opinions of their representative groups.


The VTSWG may be comprised of representatives from, but not restricted to:

  • Federal / State / Territory maritime authorities
  • Port Authorities
  • Marine Pilots and other stakeholders (e.g. Ports Australia, Shipping Australia Limited, Australian Ship Owners Association and the Australian Hydrographic Office).

Frequency of Meetings

The Group will generally meet twice a year (or more frequently if required) and the outcomes, including unresolved issues requiring escalation, will be in the report from each meeting.

Inter-sessional meetings or correspondence between sub-groups designated to complete a particular task or study may be required from time to time.

Members are responsible for meeting their own costs associated with participation.

Further information

Email AMSA for further information or read more about Vessel Traffic Services.

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