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How to become a VTS Authority

Establishing Vessel Traffic Services

Establishing an on-going operation of Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) is a significant investment.

Criteria for authorisation

VTS must ensure:

  • the operational objectives are being met
  • the technical and operational performance is acceptable
  • the issues identified and defined in determining the need for the VTS have been either alleviated or at least reduced to an acceptable level.

VTS must demonstrate:

  • the need for a VTS for the area
  • the applicant can meet the responsibilities of a VTS authority mentioned in the VTS Guidelines.

The following guidance and application documents are available to assist with making an application:

  1. Information on applying for authorisation - Guidance for Assessing, Appointing and Auditing VTS
  2. Checklist for Applicants
  3. Application Form
  4. Documentation to be completed and forwarded with the Application Form includes:
    • Compliance Matrix - IMO Resolution A.857 (20) Guidelines for Vessel Traffic Services
    • AMSA447 - Annex A - Conformance with IALA Recommendation V-119 on implementation of Vessel Traffic Services
    • AMSA448 - Annex B - Conformance with IALA Recommendation O-132 on Quality Management for Aids to Navigation Authorities
    • AMSA449 - Annex C - Conformance with IALA Guideline V-127 on Operational Procedures for Vessel Traffic Services
    • AMSA450 - Annex D - Conformance with Guideline 1089 on Provision of Vessel Traffic Services (INS, TOS & NAS)
    • AMSA475 - Annex E - Conformance with IALA Recommendation V-103 on the Standards for Training and Certification of VTS Personnel
    • AMSA476 - Annex F - Conformance with IALA Recommendation V-128 Operational and Technical Performance requirements for VTS equipment
    • AMSA477 - Annex G - Conformance with IALA Guideline No.1083 on Standard Nomenclature to Identify and refer to VTS Centres

Term of Authorisation

VTS Authorities are authorised for a period of 5 years, pending successful on-going audit requirements by AMSA.

Further information

For VTS queries, please contact us via email.

Find out more about Vessel Traffic Services.


flowchart showing the steps to establish Vessel Traffic Services

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