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Hard copy publications

Only available from major AMSA offices

  • Australian Code of Safe Practice for Ship-Helicopter Transfers (no longer in print - please refer to the International Chamber of Shipping Guide to Helicopter/Ship Operations 4th Edition, 2008) Also refer to Marine Notice 9/2016 - Vessel-helicopter operations
  • Cargo Record Book Part 1 (AMSA 227 version 09/06) - rrp $4.00 including GST
  • Dangerous, Hazardous and Harmful Cargoes Handbook (AMSA353 version 7/11) - rrp $25.00 including GST
  • Garbage Record Book (AMSA 230 version 11/12) - rrp $4.00 including GST
  • Material Handling Equipment (AMSA 357 version 1/17) - rrp $4.50 including GST
  • Official Log Book (AMSA 361 version 8/16) - rrp $11.00 including GST
  • Oil Record Book Part 1 (AMSA 228 version 6/10) - rrp $4.00 including GST
  • Oil Record Book Part 2 (AMSA 229 version 6/10) - rrp $4.00 including GST
  • Record of Service Book (Previously known as Certificate of Discharge Book) (AMSA 143 (version 9/15)) - rrp $20.00 including GST

Online publications

Research survey

The publication A Survey of the health, stress and fatigue of Australian Seafarers examines the health and lifestyle behaviours of a large sample of the Australian seafaring population. It also examines levels of stress reported by seafarers, and attempts to explore those factors which most contribute to work stress in the maritime industry.

Please note: This survey is no longer in print. This document is intended for research purposes. Please be mindful that this publication was produced in 1997 and may contain outdated information.

Maritime Safety Awareness Bulletin

The Maritime Safety Awareness bulletin is published twice a year and looks at trends in maritime incidents with an aim to raise safety awareness in the industry.

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