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National Plan Governance and Management

National Plan Governance

Governance arrangements are in place under the National Plan to ensure accountability and coordinated and integrated engagement between stakeholders.

Planning and coordination

Governance of the National Plan is achieved through several groups and committees with specific functions.

The National Plan Strategic Coordination Committee (NPSCC) sets the broad policy direction of the National Plan, oversees its implementation and reviews its effectiveness. The NPSCC is comprised of senior Commonwealth, State and Northern Territory Government officials and it is accountable to governments through the Transport and Infrastructure Council, under the Council of Australian Government arrangements.

An Australian Government National Plan Committee coordinates Australian Government arrangements under the National Plan.

Engagement with industry sectors (shipping, offshore production, oil, chemicals, ports, salvage and fire authorities) is achieved through an independent industry advisory committee known as the National Plan Strategic Industry Advisory Forum (NPSIAF).

Technical advice to support decision-making is sought from technical groups established to address prevention, planning, and response and recovery.

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