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Oiled Wildlife

Responding to spills

Under the National Plan for Maritime Environmental Emergencies, oiled wildlife response kits are strategically located around Australia.

Oiled wildlife response

AMSA maintains strategically located stockpiles of marine pollution response equipment around the Australian coastline under arrangements for the National Plan for Maritime Environmental Emergencies.

National Plan oiled wildlife response containers are available to be deployed during a pollution response. The containers include staging equipment and supplies that an oiled wildlife response unit can use to deal with oiled, sick or injured wildlife.

The States and Northern Territory ensure that effective wildlife response arrangements are also available within their jurisdictions. Those arrangements are detailed within the relevant agency contingency plans.

The Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre (AMOSC) also holds oiled wildlife response equipment available for deployment during a response.

Further information

For further information on oiled wildlife response contact Marine Environment Protection.

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