Australian Maritime Safety Authority

National Regulator for Domestic Commercial Vessel Safety Statement of Regulatory Approach

Overview of the regulatory approach

This page explains the regulatory approach of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority as the national regulator for Domestic Commercial Vessel safety.

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Safety is primary.

Regulation - and its application - must be flexible enough to address the risks of a highly varied industry in order to support safety, innovation and business and environmental sustainability.

The National Regulator develops and maintains a collaborative relationship with industry.

The regulatory scheme is performance-based, not prescriptive.

The operator has the primary responsibility for ensuring the vessel is safe and operates safely.

The National Regulator will take a ‘trust and verify’ approach to maintaining safety wherever possible.

The National Regulator will make use of third-party expertise to bolster its regulatory safety activities.

The National Regulator will strive to make it simple for people to maintain safety.

The National Regulator will work together with other safety agencies to reduce the potential for duplication of safety rules and the application of those rules.

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