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International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA)

Assisting in safe navigation

IALA is an international technical association which aims to improve aids to navigation worldwide.

IALA was established in 1957. It brings together manufacturers, consultants, scientific and training institutes from all parts of the world to share their experiences, achievements, and technical and operational policies.

The committees develop recommendations and guidelines which are recognised worldwide as the international standards for the implementation and operation of aids to navigation. These standards help to ensure that the movements of vessels are safe, expeditious, cost effective and harmless to the environment.

Australia is a longstanding IALA council member and plays a leading role in IALA’s work in key areas such as Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) and e-Navigation.

IALA also delivers training and capacity building to national authorities through their World Wide Academy. AMSA provides expert assistance to authorities in the Asia-Pacific region responsible for the provision of aids to navigation. AMSA is the point of contact for the coordination of IALA activities in the south-west Pacific region.

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