Australian Maritime Safety Authority


The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) operates in a marine environment where Australia:
  • is the largest island nation in the world
  • is third largest exclusive economic zone – 8.232 million km2
  • has 60,000 km of coastline with 12,000 islands
  • has seventy nine ports receiving over 23,000 international visits
  • has ten per cent of world sea trade
  • is ten per cent of the earth's surface; this is Australia's search and rescue region
  • covers five of the world's ocean climate zones
  • has six maritime boundaries.

AMSA is involved with:

  • new laws for ships and domestic commercial vessels
  • assisting with safe shipping, particularly in protected reef environments
  • Australia’s marine environment protection arrangements
  • the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 and the Australian International Shipping Register and
  • search and rescue for both maritime and aviation sectors.

We are continually engaging with the community through consultation on a wide range of matters, and with information days, where stakeholders can speak directly to our staff, discuss their specific concerns, and make direct contact with AMSA.

AMSA also holds a number of conferences and events and are also involved with a variety of boat shows around the country. We also conduct stakeholder surveys to better understand our community members and how to engage them in the most effective manner.

With more than 23,000 international vessels visiting Australian ports each year, we need to be assured they are seaworthy, have competent crews and can safely navigate their way through our pristine marine areas such as the Great Barrier Reef. It is critical that these ships and crews are operating to international standards to protect Australia's marine environment and efficiently carry our exports overseas.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is the United Nations agency with responsibility for setting and maintaining international ship safety standards. Australia is a key player in the IMO having been elected by its 170 members to its governing Council for more than forty years.

Our involvement with the international community allows us to work closely with other countries to ensure that international safety standards meet our high expectations. We do this by negotiating new and amended standards and conventions on a broad range of issues.

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