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AMSA introduces fee for services to partially recover costs

12 May 2016

As foreshadowed in the 2016–17 Federal Budget, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) will implement a fee-for-service arrangement to partially recover costs associated with delivery of select services from 1 September 2016.

The fees, which have been developed in accordance with the Australian Government’s Cost Recovery Guidelines and the Australian Government Charging Framework will apply to the accreditation of marine surveyors and the processing of ad-hoc Exemptions and Equivalent Solutions.

Surveyor accreditation fees

From 1 September 2016, to become an accredited marine surveyor, applicants will pay upfront, a one-off application fee when they lodge their application. This fee is a combination of the application fee ($650) plus a set ‘assessment’ fee, which is determined by the hourly rate and the number of categories of marine surveying the applicant is applying for (see table below).

Tier Service Application Fee (one-off fixed fee) Assessment fee (@ $185/hour) Total $
1 1 to 5 categories (based on 4 hours assessment) $650 $740 $1390
2 6 to 10 categories (based on 8 hours assessment ) $650 $1480 $2130
3 11 to 16 categories (based on 12 hours assessment) $650 $2220 $2870

Surveyor accreditation renewal fee                      $254 (due every 5 years)

Surveyors currently accredited under the Surveyor Accreditation Scheme will be charged $254 to renew their accreditation. However, surveyors wanting to apply for accreditation in additional categories will have to pay the application fee plus the assessment fee associated with the number of categories for which they are applying. They will not have to pay for the categories in which they are already accredited.

Fees for ad-hoc Exemptions and Equivalent Means of Compliance

From 1 September 2016 those applying for a new or renewed ad-hoc Exemption or Equivalent means of compliance will pay AMSA $230 per hour to partially recover the administrative costs of processing and considering their application.

The time and cost associated with assessing individual applications will be different because the complexities of each ad-hoc application vary.

Applicants will have to pay the fee irrespective of whether their Exemption or Equivalent Solution is granted. However, unsuccessful applicants can appeal AMSA’s decision at no extra cost.



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