Australian Maritime Safety Authority

AMSA's New Satellite Tracking Station

Medium Altitude Earth Orbit Search and Rescue

AMSA's new satellite tracking station in Mingenew, Western Australia will be operational by mid-2016. The six-antenna satellite tracking station is part of the international Medium Altitude Earth Orbit Search and Rescue (MEOSAR) system. The facility will detect and locate emergency distress beacon activations for Australia and the region.

As part of the community engagement for this project, AMSA have struck up a partnership with the principal, teachers and students of Mingenew Primary School and visited them in December 2015.

The students in years four, five and six spent the last half of 2015 learning about satellites and search and rescue in Australia. They have completed individual projects on the AMSA satellite tracking station which included models, drawings, PowerPoint presentations and essays.

As part of ongoing community engagement with the town of Mingenew, Mrs Joanne Greene, grade four, five and six teacher, organised a delivery to AMSA showcasing the best replications of the satellite tracking station which are now on display in AMSA’s head office. The partnership between AMSA and Mingenew Primary School and the community will be ongoing.

photo of classroom with childrenstanding around desks at Mingenew Public SchoolGrades 4, 5 and 6 of Mingenew Public School with their models
student's models of Mingenew satellite station on display at AMSA head office The student's models on
display in AMSA's head office
10 people standing around a satellite receiver at Mingenew station Members of the Mingenew community attending the open day at the Mingenew Satellite tracking system





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